1. Rose Chan

I arrived at the Talisman Foundation in October 2010 and have built up team spirit, self-respect and pride in keeping and maintaining the condition of our block and how we work and live together as a family within the Talisman community.

I have gained tremendous insight and awareness of my own illness with respect to pre-dispositions, influencing factors, functionality, stressors, personality traits and more, thanks to my supportive facilitator (who stands by me all the way) as well as other facilitators and care workers at the Foundation.

The Talisman Foundation has been an absolute miracle in my recovery.  It has really motivated me and reminded me of how incredible it feels to be productive and proactive and of some value to society and it has raised my self-worth and desire for participation in the world again.

Thanking you for everything I have received from The Talisman Foundation .


2. Annie Cot

Since my stay here at Talisman, my life has become more content, in the way that I take my medication which keeps me stable, and I enjoy attending group sessions in which I learn about anger management and other sessions which has helped me change my personality so that I have become more patient and understanding of people other than myself who suffer from the same illness.

My family also agrees that I share with them now more than I have before.  The Talisman programme has helped me, and they are impressed with my progress. I’m happy, healthy and optimistic, due to the wonderful facilitators at Talisman Foundation, and thank you for changing my life for the better.


3. Shane Sina

My name is Shane Sina; I’m 42 and arrived at the Talisman Foundation in August 2006.  The Talisman offers a great deal to help with rehabilitation but a lot is what you bring to the party yourself.  I have been clean for 5 years and it’s a lot to do with the Talisman itself.

I started working 2 months after arriving at the Talisman in the kitchen as an assistant.  I worked my way up to assistant to the chef.  I was also Chairman of the Residents Committee for 3 years.  I think it is what a resident makes of their stay.  If they are going to stay here and offer nothing then the Talisman has nothing to offer for them.  When I first got here my medicines were incorrect and the Talisman helped me these stable and they are helping me a lot.  I have had my breakdowns but the Talisman has helped me come back on line.  

The Talisman offers a psychiatrist to its residence as well as a full time nursing sister. On weekends there are staff to help you and keep an eye on the residents in case of an emergency.  There are drug tests and breathalyzers offered often to residents to assure it is a drug free zone. I myself can only say good things about the Talisman as it’s kept me in check and is steering me in the right direction to be able to go back into society.  The Talisman has been a positive experience for me and I would definitely suggest it to others.


4. Candy Elli

Before coming to Talisman I had no hope, no direction and no future.  My only priority was drugs and my only feeling was depression.  I knew that I would die unless I made a drastic change for the better and so I begged my mom to admit me. I was skeptical that The Talisman Foundation could help me but I was determined to try.  The staff were friendly and helpful and let me know that they were there for me.

I suffered through terrible withdrawals but was supported and encouraged by my facilitator.  I struggled to conform to the rules at first but have since seen the benefit.  I am slowly getting better and looking healthier.  I have learnt that my recovery is a process that I cannot rush.

As I heal and grow through my interactions with others, I realize how important the group dynamics can be.  I have made a few good friends whose support has been invaluable, and I realized the potential within myself to help others. Every day is a new challenge and there is something new to learn.  Since coming to Talisman my future seems brighter and I have hope again.


5. Sipho Masibe

My name is Sipho Masibe.  I am 27 years of age.  I was diagnosed with bi-polar mood disorder at the age of 21.  Ever since then I have been receiving treatment for my illness.  I am currently living at Talisman Foundation in the Hill Ext.  When I was in Sterkfontein I had high hopes about moving to The Talisman Foundation and those high hopes were met.  It was just as I had expected.  Ever since I moved into Talisman on the 1st March 2011 I managed to secure vocational skills training as chef in the main kitchen.  I have also learnt a lot about my illness, especially: -

(a) How to recognize Bi-Polar.

(b) Who to approach for treatment.

(c) Treatment options; and

(d) Self-help.

I have learnt about anger management, how to be aware of it and to control it.  I have learnt a lot about social skills, how to set goals for myself. They can be long-term goals or short-term goals to also stick to these goals and make them a reality for me.  I have learnt how to handle money and to budget my pocket money and to use it wisely.  Since coming to Talisman I have met new friends.

I have been taking part in support group meetings, and also attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  I also attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to help me better understand my disease and illness.

I am very happy with Talisman Foundation, and how it runs their programme to help us survive in the community once we are fit to be independent.  Talisman Foundation has helped me to seek employment in the working sector.  They have also helped me further my studies as chef in a private institution.  I also attend individual therapy, whereby I concentrate on my day-to-day problems.  I have been welcomed with open arms here at Talisman.

I will utilize the resources given to me to reach my goals and live a healthier life style.  The Talisman Foundation has started a soccer team of which I am proud to be a part of.  They also have events, which focus on different illnesses to better understand them.  At these events we are allowed to showcase our talents and make some money selling artwork, photographs etc. I am a proud resident of Talisman, and would recommend it to anyone out there battling to find themselves or their purpose in life to come to Talisman.  I would rather be in Talisman than any other place.

At Talisman they have special events to motivate us to have a positive outlook in life.  We get points for taking part in events that are organized by the staff here.  Once we reach specific points we receive rewards for this. Thus making us behave. I could write a million things why it is so beneficial for me to be here at Talisman, it could take forever.  All in all Talisman Foundation has been my lifeline to live for the past six months.


6. Wayne Plimm

I Wayne Plimm rate the Talisman Foundation as the best institution I have been in.

The Talisman Foundation is the most stress free environment I have come across.  There is routine and structure at Talisman.  I have got to know more about life and myself as well.  The social skill and coping skill sessions are particularly interesting.

I do realize that my facilitator is helpful and caring as far as getting properly back on my feet is concerned.  My facilitator has helped me to be properly disciplined and motivated.


7. Amelia Selba

I had hit the end of the road. I was out of control, dangerous and bordered on psychosis when my husband admitted me to the Talisman Foundation. I had forgotten all skills to a normal and responsible life. My anger was out of control and my husband could no longer tolerate me.   

After experiencing The Talisman Foundation I started to feel a change - I started to feel humility. I experienced, caring, consideration and unconditional love among the other residents and from staff members.  

Gradually, I had done what was required from the psycho-social program and I was put onto the vocational skills training program which went from one task to eventually handling the admin function and assisting all staff with administrative requests.

The problem was that I was still relapsing and had the most vicious anger. Thereafter I realised that I had gone to so many rehabs before for abusing drugs and alcohol yet failed to acknowledge the cause of my problems.  

I started anger management sessions with Mr. Aadiel Essop and I can honestly say that the hectic aggression was gone. We then tackled the Bi-Polar issue and dealt with the emotional roller coaster that I was on. In a nutshell, I was working at The Talisman Foundation because I had become capable of doing this, but I had to dedicate a lot of time towards the drug/alcohol related groups too.  My progression was steady to a point that I was to work on an exit plan because Talisman believed in me and believed that I could make it on the outside. It was very hard leaving but I also had a family that needed me.

I now work everyday, taking care of my house, garden, daughters and husband. Some days are harder then others.  I owe my achievements and success of having a handle on my life to The Talisman Foundation. With their help they have put me onto a new road with a happier and healthier journey. I gained insight into all my illnesses - Borderline, Bipolar and addiction and it is now up to me to ensure that I always remain aware and of how I am feeling so that my Bipolar does not creep up and give my addiction a wakeup call. This is where great effort is needed to not turn to substance and so far so good.

Without a doubt, The Talisman Foundation taught, showed and helped me to become a really valuable and productive member of society and I will always be grateful and will never forget. Thank you.









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