Admission process

It is required that all residents take their medication as prescribed as the first step. The concordance of medication compliance is imperative to long term stability and functionality. A resident who requires support with taking their medication is placed on a supervised program.

Through our behaviour modification program and psychosocial programs, support, routine, structure and education towards changing health-related behaviours (e.g., anger management, decision making, lose weight, substance abuse etc.) is the core focus. Most sufferers do and will experience slips that will sometimes worsen and become relapses.

Our relapse prevention strategy is based on the maintenance of change. We recommend specific coping strategies adapted to the clients needs in maintaining the desired change.

It is based on the idea that maladaptive behaviours are acquired or learned. People engage in maladaptive behaviours to “feel good” (enhanced pleasure) or to “feel better” (self-medication). The rewards of following maladaptive behaviours serve to bolster their excessive frequency, intensity, and duration, despite the delayed negative consequences which can be quite severe and long lasting.

The same learning process is involved in the development of adaptive behaviours too. As such, our program is designed to help residents build a new behaviour repertoire in which more adaptive coping behaviours replace maladaptive ones.

Relapse prevention

Admission Process


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Relapse Prevention

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Admission Procedure