How can we help you?

The Talisman Foundation offers individuals of all walks of life requiring assistance, the opportunity to apply and experience the exceptional Talisman difference. Individuals are encouraged to acquire assistance on the basis of having experienced difficulty with respective mental health and or substance abuse problems. Most residents are received from hospitals and mental health institutions.  Talisman will provide the Foundation in providing all residents with a helping hand, which will go a long way in ensuring a positive, balanced and healthier lifestyle.

The Talisman Foundation achieves its rehab objectives through creating a climate of facilitating positive psychological attitudes. The client will begin to get in touch with their own wisdom and capacity for self-understanding and for altering their self-concept and self-defeating behaviours. Facilitators at the Talisman Foundation will be exercising their skill of communicating to their clients an attitude expressive of their desire to be deeply and fully involved in the relationship without pretence and where genuineness, acceptance and empathy are all present, such that therapeutic movement occurs.

In such a climate, our clients gradually get in touch with their own resources for self-understanding and prove themselves capable of changing and taking over the direction of their own lives.  As a client of the Talisman Foundation, we would expect you to - live your life… optimally.


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How can we help you?

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